Big Prime Number

Matrix 5

Below is the top of Matrix 5. Blue boxes are prime, yellow are factorable by the Key Seed and pink are factorable by the other seeds. The conventional wisdom is prime numbers occur randomly. If true then non-prime numbers occur randomly as well. That statement is self-evident because if it were not true, then it would be a simple task to find the non-prime patterns and eliminate them leaving only the primes. Look at the colors in the matrices. I suggest that there are patterns that would imply that randomness is not as severe as one might expect. For one thing, in every matrix, the yellow boxes always occur in a diagonal pattern sloping downward across the matrix from left to right. It is not perfect though but, it is distinctly obvious. Secondly, there is a consistent clumping of primes near other primes and non-primes near other non-primes. No more than 5% of the primes in the top of Matrix 5 are surrounded completely by non-primes. There is one area where 44 prime numbers adjoin each other and 36 of those primes adjoin at least 2 other primes. A similar statement can be made about the non-primes adjoining other non-primes. I am not saying that this occurs in any discernible pattern but I am not saying that is doesn’t. It may be just that I have not discovered the nature of the pattern. I am sure there is a lot of work that can be done in this area that is beyond my level of expertise so I am suggesting that it is an area worth exploring.